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Ticket Games

Ticket Games
Win E-Tickets! Lots of E-Tickets!! Electronic-tickets are now a part of Livingston's "Going Green" program. They replace traditional paper tickets with Electronic tickets that are automatically loaded to your reusable Power game card. Saving trees and the environment all while having FUN!

Basket of Fortune - Make A Fortune With Basket Fortune. This basketball themed game is a quick coin game.  Basket of Fortune is a 4-player quick coin game that includes individual progressive jackpots.
Big Bass Wheel - Reel in the Fun! Players step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets.
Big Shot - Big shot is a spectacular token flipping action game. Players insert one to four tokens and flip for target tubes. If they miss the tubes, they still win, with great ticket rewards. Every token wins! Powerful sound effects, chase lights and vibrant graphics make big shot a real winner!
Bubba's Excavation Company - Bubba's Excavation Company is a 2 player redemption. The machine consists of a moving ramp and on each side of the cabinet are five jackpot slots. The object of the game is for players to try and get their token into one of these jackpot slots, at which point a bulldozer will move forward and tumble the coins and tokens over the edge to dispense tickets. When the player can get their coin or token inside the middle slot, a four-digit progressive jackpot will be awarded.
Claim Jumper - Claim Jumper is a 4-player Redemption Game. With a huge brightly colored turning playfield and a unique coin drop system, the players time their coins to land in one of the 18 train cars or in the train car's dump slot for the ultimate jackpot.  When a player gets their coin in the dump slot the train screeches to a stop with realistic train sounds and an intense light show. The winning train car then backs up to the "Dump Station" and a cool motorized arm knocks the car's payout into a win zone for the big ticket payout.
Connect Four - Connect 4, the classic board game, by Hasbro. Step up to the player station and choose your checker. Play head-to-head or against the computer. Take turns dropping checkers in the grid to try to connect four-in-a-row. Connect 4 offers great play-value and a chance to win big tickets in the bonus round!
Cyclone - Test your skill on one of the most popular and successful games ever made! If you can stop the light at the right moment, you'll be rewarded with even more bonus tickets to spend.
Deal or No Deal - America's most exciting family tv game show is now the hottest redemption game.
Down the Clown - Play the popular carnival game arcade style! Toss the balls at the clowns for points, hit the right ones and get bonus points! Play with 2 players to compete for the high score.
Explosive Danger - Players try to pop an actual inflated balloon to win prizes by stopping the light wheel on "INSTANT POP" or on values that crank the amazing air pump and pump the balloon bigger and bigger until it contacts the spinning saw blade below and pops.
Eye Bot – Control the tilting platform to place 3 rolling eyeballs in 3 holes on the platform within the allotted time and win big.
Fish bowl frenzy- combines advanced technology, mechanical skill play, exceptional video graphics and adorable fish characters with a carnival theme, to create a terrifically entertaining game – the likes of which have never before been seen.  The game challenges players to carefully time their release of a ball which bounces through a field of pins into one of the actual fishbowls below.  Adorable, computer-generated 3D fish celebrate each win, spinning and jumping with enthusiasm. 
Grand Piano Keys-Simply hit the oversized novelty key that matches the colored square on the 60" monitor to play a variety of well-known tunes! Players will win tickets based on how quickly and accurately they are able to playe the song. The faster and more accurately you play, the more tickets you win!
Hollywood Reels - Timing is everything on this one or two player coin roll down redemption game. Players roll their coins down the ramp to try to get as many tickets as possible by hitting the targets of the moving film reel, plus there are also two (2) special bonus targets for increased fun and excitement.
ICE Ball FX Alley Roller-An all-age group amusement game calls for players to throw balls down a thin alley way, all the while winning tickets.
Lucky Zone - Lucky Zone is a "Wheel of Chance" type ticket redemption game with a huge rotating diamond shaped ball! Game play is simple - players drop a coin into the game and watch as the dazzling center diamond spins around, while the coin drops into the prize wheel at the bottom with several different winning slots.
Monster Drop - Time the drop of the high energy ball so it falls through JACKPOT, the MYSTERY VALUE, or TICKET WIN Values, And even if you miss, the ball bounces and careens around before dropping in a hole, so you can "Win Every Time".
Monster Drop Extreme - incredible 13’ 6” tall and 9' 3" wide, Monster Drop Extreme is sure to our biggest attraction yet!!
Red Hot - The aim of Red Hot is for players to take aim and drop 6 balls into "Flaming" Targets on the Spinning Wheel. When players hit the targets, Red Hot award tickets! Players hitting 6 Red Targets win the Super Jackpot! Hitting Blue Targets on Red Hot awards players the Mystery Bonus!
Soccer Shot – Flip the token past the goalie and into the bonus hole and win tickets.  Plus, win an extra bonus for pushing tokens off the ledge.
Spin N Win - Spin-N-Win stop action game! Pull the real slot lever, watch the lights spin around, and hit STOP! Try to hit 25, 50, or 500, and win that amount in tickets. Fun, easy, and exciting for players of all ages! Lever! Lights! Action! This exciting, easy to play and totally addictive game is the ultimate test of reflexes and skill - just stop the spinning on cue and you'll walk away a winner.
Spin To Win – Roll the balls down the slope, into the slots to turn the wheel to Bonus Jackpot – Land on Bonus Jackpot on the final spin 2 games in a row & win the Bonus Jackpot.
Total 21- time your coins to reach 21.The closer you get to 21without going over, the more tickets you win! Players who get 21 win the big ticket jackpot prize.
Super Hoopla - Super Hoop-La is a combination crane and ring drop game. The player attempts to drop a hoop over a cylinder and is awarded tickets to be redeemed for prizes if successful. The "crowns" on the top of each cylinder are varied in diameter, and the larger the diameter, the higher the tickets award.
Super Shot Basketball - The Super Shot offers all of the excitement of the fast-paced basketball shooting game you remember from your youth, but updates the package with modern components. Realistic sounds, scoreboard and scoreboard along with a simple back-and-forth movement of the backboard during play adds to an overall fun experience.
Super Trivia - Test your smarts against up to 6 competitors in this quick thinking trivia game. You'll feel like a contestant on a real game show as you answer questions from several different categories. Prove to know more than your competitors and you'll be awarded with tickets
Tower of Power - Feel the power of Tower of Power. This is an action packed game with futuristic streaking light bars and sound effects. The player attempts to stop the light bars on the desired payout.
Wheel Deal - WHEEL DEAL features 3 thrilling game stations each with its own spinning wheel and unique jackpot values. Players get to test their skills by dropping either coins or tokens down a brightly colored ramp in an attempt to land in the specially marked WIN ZONES. There's also an exciting 4-digit Jackpot at each of the stations. There are up to 50 WIN ZONES per wheel with different wheel variations including Win Every Time, Win on Red or Black, and 50 Win Zones.
Wheel Deal Extreme - 4-Player Wheel Deal is an X-TREME Sensation to Players. One to four players test their skills to send glowing play-pucks twisting and turning along a brightly lit pathway onto the big, bright spinning wheel, trying to land in the colorful ticket-value-marked "WIN ZONE" Targets.
Wheel of Fortune – Time the token drop to light up the letters in Wheel of Fortune.  When completely lit the wheel will spin for big tickets.  Receive an extra bonus by pushing tokens off the ledge.
Wheel of Fortune – Stop the chasing lights at the “spin zone” to make the wheel spin & win tickets.
Wheel of Fortune - To play Wheel Of Fortune, "Contestants" turn the spinner and hold their breath as the Giant Wheel spins round, with electrifying light and sound, as it slows and stops on a value. A stunning brunette host moves across the screen, turning letters with a smile to reveal words within challenging puzzles. As the letters of the puzzle are then unveiled, contestants try to guess the phrase to win big.
Winners W1heel - Winners’ Wheel is a single player quick coin, ticket redemption game. The object is to hit the revolving ramp, propelling the coin into the win slot. This releases a ball, which rolls into one of nine holes of different values. This dual combination takes more strategy. The player must first hit one of nine ramps. Then, they should hit the particular ramp, which will give the best chance for the ball to enter a high value numbered or bonus hole.
Wonder Wheel - Players simply drop coins, which are propelled up the power ramp and into the wheel of wonder. Timing the drop just right will win big-ticket prizes. Wonder Wheel is challenging enough to bring them back time and time again.