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Video Games

Video Games
Air Hockey – A game room must have – The traditional thrill of fast puck action.
Air Hockey – Fast Track - This table has specially designed rebound rails with 'Stay In' puck system for maximum game play and safety. It also features unique and exciting sound effects
Big Buck Hunter – This game centers on a player's ability to shoot up to three bucks a stage without shooting a doe or female animal, thus ending the player's turn prematurely.  You can also choose to play the “Duck Dynasty” version!
Big Shoppe Crane - Bigger and better than any crane you've ever seen... Everyone will be watching as you pilot a massive claw in a gigantic-sized glass case filled with prizes.  
Cruisin’ Exotica - Exotica takes you to more exciting places with cars, crazy tracks, killer graphics and a motion seat.
Fast & Furious Super Cars - Shift gears and race one of 17 different tricked-out rides. You can choose from over 12 different road courses and increase your score by performing various stunts. You’re guaranteed to feel every twist and turn your car makes.
Ghost Squad - This intensely realistic game lets you become a member of a special-forces team fighting terrorists. One or two players battle the enemy with powerful weapons, special features and one dangerous mission.
H2O Overdrive - H2O features 9 high-powered boats to choose from to cruise through 7 watery tracks from around the world. Each track contains plenty of jumps and secret paths to explore, just make sure to collect boosters and super boosters to enhance the performance of the boats. Force-feedback steering, beefed-up throttle and a powerful seat subwoofer immerse players in the high-speed action.
House of the Dead 2 – Civilians are being attacked throughout the city by Zombies.  You must save them.  Hint:  A Zombies weak spot is their head.
  Knock Out – Test the speed or strength of your punch!
Rambo - Be Rambo! Follow the history of Rambo as seen on the big screen, with the legendary movies becoming an action packed video game. Use machine guns, bows & arrows and daggers to fight against enemies, helicopters, tanks and hidden targets in this exhilarating shooting game.
Snow Cross - Winter X-Games SnoCross Snowmobile Racing!  SnoCross has 6 snowmobile racers, 6 killer sleds, and insane custom upgrades. Players can travel the world by riding on 7 intense tracks in France, Antarctica, China, Alaska, Washington D.C., Moscow and Colorado. 
Terminator Salvation – The player assumes the role of John Connor during the war between the human resistance and the machines of Skynet. The game consists of two selectable missions. The objective of the first mission is to seek out and destroy the secret lab where Skynet conducts experiments on humans. The objective of the second mission is to escort refugees to a safe house and to finally destroy Skynet. The player, along with their resistance allies, faces whole armies of Terminator robots, such as T-600s, T-7Ts, HK-Tanks, Aerostats, and Moto-Terminators, among others. The player can also find and pick up grenades, as well as temporary-use shotguns and miniguns. During some sequences, it is possible to use heavy machine guns with unlimited ammo while riding in vehicles such as helicopters and pickup trucks.
Time Crisis III – The island of Astigos is under attack by Zagorian forces.  You must defeat the Zagorian forces for the citizens of Astigos as well as to prevent a missile attack on neighboring islands.
Zoltar – Have your fortune told by the fortune teller from “Big”.  Zoltar Tells All!