The Arcade at Livingston’s Is packed full of fun & games. Whether you like to play classics like skee-ball, shoot some hoops, or play some of the newest games, we have something for everyone. Livingston’s ticket games have been enhanced to dispense e-tickets. That way we are doing our part for the environment by going green. Instead of getting the paper tickets you’re used to, all of the winning tickets will be awarded to your rechargeable plastic card, known as the Livingston’s “Fun Card”.

Customers can register their Fun Cards online, in store and check their credit and e-ticket balance anytime! Our Prize Center leaves little to the imagination. With floor to ceiling displays, you’ll be in awe when you see all the awesome prizes you can win. So what are you waiting for, start racking up those e-tickets!

Livingston's Arcade Pricing

Our arcade pricing offers a number of incremental options but any amount can be added to your Livingston’s Fun Card. There is a $2 activation fee on newly issues Fun Cards.


Explore our Prize Center!

The prize Center at Livingston’s is different from the small prize cases that you are used to seeing. Livingston’s prize center is based on the Grand Old style of the New Jersey Shore arcades. In the 50’s & 60’s these places were huge with 50 foot long wall displays plus floor cases that ran that distance of the walls. There are thousands of square feet of prize displays, each foot crammed with great prizes. We’ve got so many great prizes that you’re going to have a hard time deciding which prizes to take home!